About Me

My name is João Paulo Buzetti Vasconcelos, I was born in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil and I came to Sydney, Australia to have the experience of living in another country.

I graduated in Computer Engineering from PUC-Campinas and worked for a software company as a tester and coder for a period of 2 years.

I’ve been looking for ways to build an online business and I attended some courses about blogs and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

After creating my first project, I decided to focus on SEO strategy, invest time and money to learn techniques of how to reach the first positions in Google.

I started creating websites for companies and blogs by myself.

As you can see in my portfolio, I have achieved incredible results with these techniques and it will be a pleasure achieve even greater results for your company.

If you are interested in my portfolio, please feel free to contact me.


My personal mission statement:

Helping people to fulfil their dreams and objectives.

I want to impact as many people’s lives as possible through the internet.

Act as a medium in helping people and companies to achieve amazing results by sharing my knowledge on the SEO world.

In my journey, I learned that the more people you help, the better you feel with yourself.